Mama’s Locket

To my children, I won’t remember every detail of your life. I can’t recall what day you walked or how many teeth you had at seven months. But I will never forget the moments; they will stay with me crisp and clean like a stark fall day. Daddy and I bringing home each of you. […]

Ring of Hell

There’s a certain ring of hell That most parents know, It’s called being sick With your sick kids home, in tow.   Forget water-boarding As torture for you see– There are things that are worse; Two sick kids under three.   Infect perpetrators With a cold or a flu, And then lock them in a […]


  Freeze. Stop this whirlwind of giggles and butterfly kisses. Give me a moment to memorize that crooked smile.   Let me never forget the simple pleasure of bubbles. And sand. As I watch the delicate beads slip through your fingers, I want you to remember that happiness is fleeting But is found in such […]


I have many fears about birthing– Some parts are really unnerving. But I have to admit, I want to quit, When I think about getting a vaganus.   The name implies that it’s funny, And I laugh till my eyes get all runny, Until I remember, and get quite tender Realizing it could happen to […]