What the Short

I’m old. This was made painfully obvious to me as I tried to go shopping for shorts. It’s getting hot– I need some new, stylish denim to make me feel like the queen that I am. I like to push the envelope and be trendy, but I gotta draw the line– I need a pair […]

A Mother’s Quest

Day 1: It’s Friday. Yesterday I received a message that my five-year-old had purchased two boxes of cookies through her classmate. Great. I’ve side-stepped them at the grocery stores, ignored texts from my cute nieces about their troops, hid on the floor when the buggers knocked on my door like they were Jehovah’s Witnesses selling […]

Why I March

There has been a lot of discourse over Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington. I proudly participated in my own local “sister march” in San Diego. At first all of the coverage that I saw was from inside of my bubble; people’s joyous photos, exclaims and declarations. I saw floods of pink take over social media. […]