Chelsey Gets an Oil/Reiki Treatment

For anyone who has been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that one of my goals this year was to try new things. And try new things I have! Here is my latest…

In exchange for my honest review, I received a complimentary essential oil/Reiki treatment from lovely Mital Khatri at Crown Jewel Healing, located in Encinitas, California. I don’t have any experience getting this sort of treatment so I was unsure what to expect. But as always, I want to be open to trying new thing and challenging myself.

The room I walked into could best be described as “tranquil”. It had soft colors, smelled of fresh linens and essential oils, and had light streaming in though the patio doors. Mital greeted me and sat me down for a brief consultation.

“What do you wish get from this session?” she asked.

I paused. I didn’t really know. I wasn’t sure what specifically I had come here for, other than to break out of my comfort zone and try something that I had never done before. After some thought, I confided in Mital about the first thing that popped into my head; it was a personal issue dealing with grief.

Mital earnestly thanked me for sharing, and assured me that during the session we would try to work on the problem and let it go. She said a brief prayer and we began.

Lying face down on the table, Mital began placing warm oils on specific acupuncture points. Her touch was light—it was not like a massage—and yet I felt that same sort of release that you experience when someone works a knot out of your shoulder. But the knot wasn’t in one place…it felt like all the bad energy I had been carrying around was being let go.

Any mother of young children will tell you that it is hard to get any time for yourself. I can never find time to even think…I’m constantly planning doctors appointments and grocery store trips, and writing articles for work in my head while I vacuum. Having the calm and quiet, I quickly realized that I was pretty at peace with the situation Mital and I had originally discussed, and my mind began to wander.

What came to me as laid quietly was this: I don’t want to be afraid. I want to be fearless. I pictured taking a step back from my own life and looking down on it like a scrapbook. And the biggest thing that struck me was that I want to do something big—be something bigger, greater. I want to do something with my life that positively affects the lives of others.

It came to me that the only regret I have in life is that I didn’t go to law school. And it isn’t even the law school itself that I regret, it is the path that would have set me up for. I realized that a good fight brings me joy—and while that may sound bazaar, it is true. (Insert shrugging emoji here.) I want to be a bulldog for someone else. I see strong women out there like Senator Elizabeth Warren, fighting against the man and championing the rights of the people and I want that. I want to be fearless.

I’m going to be honest with you—I have no idea what Mital was doing half of the time. I kept my eyes closed and tried to focus on my thoughts. I let Mital do her thing. At one point I felt extreme heat coming from my head, and it felt like all this negative energy was being pulled out. Similarly, at one point, I felt the same thing from my feet.

After the session I changed back into my clothes. Mital gently knocked on the door and told me that Spirit had given her a couple of messages. She asked if I wanted to hear them.

“Of course!” I told her.

She began by telling me that I was joyful–that was my energy. She paused and said, “I just kept getting one word over and over again—I kept hearing the word fearless. This girl is fearless.”

Every hair on my body stood on end. She had gone into this thinking I was letting go of grief but I had switched gears in my head mid-session. The only thing I could think about the entire time I laid on her table was being fearless in life– and here is Mital, sweetly explaining what message I was putting off.

“Spirit also wanted me to reassure that you are on the right path; you are doing what you should be doing.”

I got goose bumps again.

As with all things in life you can get what you put in. I felt like during my session with Mital I was finally able to see what I want and feel passionate about where I’m going. She led me to open myself up enough to hear that voice that has been shouted over by my two-year-old throwing a fit or my four-year-old telling uncomfortably long stories. That voice has had to take second fiddle for a while but my kids are getting older now, and I can start to listen to it again. I walked out of Mital’s session not only lighter but reinvigorated. I feel like I have been dealt a sense of purpose.

Somehow she helped connect me again to…me.

For more details on Mital’s work, who better to explain it than her? Here is a brief interview so Mital can tell you, in her own words, about her sessions.



How did you get into oil treatments? (Can you explain a little bit about the transition from acupuncture?)

I fell in love with essential oils!  I found that when I used them on acupuncture points, the result was even MORE profound than it was when I used an acupuncture needle.  Each essential oil has its own potent medicine – it has its own vibration, personality, and gifts.  I use all my knowledge from being an acupuncturist to pair essential oils with the perfect acupuncture points.  The energy of the oil dances with the energy of the acupuncture point, leading to profound shifts and breakthroughs.  

I first studied this concept in Aroma Acupoint training, and then I dove into a yearlong course called Master Healer.  We went seriously deep with essential oils, 5 element theory, trauma work, and crystals, to name a few!


What makes your oil treatment/Reiki sessions different from other options out there?

My sessions are so unique because they are a culmination of everything that I have learned and lived.  I bring my mastery from acupuncture, nursing, reiki, Master Healer studies, as well as my own intuitive gifts to the table.  I’m also constantly up-leveling myself by investing in personal and spiritual development, and practicing good self care.  I take great reverence and care when I work with clients and do not take this responsibility lightly.  It’s important to know that the person you are trusting your energy with is in integrity and working on their own stuff! 


You are an RN, which is western medicine and is very different from the spiritual elements of your work through Crown Jewel Healing. How do you balance the two in your work?

Having been a nurse for 11 years, it is an integral part of me and how I approach people. I take all my knowledge of the body in terms of western disease processes and incorporate it into my diagnostics and treatments.  Nursing also taught me how to really be with people, listen to their needs, empathize, and respect where they are in their process.  


Tell me more about how crystals are used during a session.

Like oils, crystals have their own vibrations, frequencies, and personalities.  Some crystals are very calming, while others are energizing, and others help us feel safe or nourished.  I match the vibration of the crystal with where it needs to go on the body.


Who can benefit most from your sessions?

I love working with women!  In particular, the following women could benefit the most from my session:

-Tense, stressed out

-Tired, depleted

-Stuck on the emotional or spiritual level.  This could look like someone who is stuck in fear, anger, sorrow, etc.  Or someone that wants to open spiritually but feels stuck

-History of trauma

-Want an energy reset

-I also love to work with women who want to feel more beautiful, because beauty is all about energy!  I’m offering an amazing deal on my beauty boost packages right now – for women to look and feel vibrant and youthful in an all-natural, non-toxic way, from the inside out. 


Visti Mital’s website here for more information or to book a session! I highly recommend her.


609 South Vulcan Ave
Ste 201 Encinitas, CA 92024





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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your new experience and how it profoundly affected you! I also like the interview and hearing more about her process as it pertains to how she works. I truly hope you find the purpose you are looking for and continue your gift of writing. You are so talented in so many ways and I just know that wherever you place your attention, you will be successful and happy. Also, that love to fight thing, Imma guess it comes at least partly from our side of the family, tee hee!

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