Links That Make You Think

Women’s Issues:

Emma Watson’s Speech to the United Nations

The Latest Body Part For Women To Fix

Men Cat-Calling Their Own Mothers

Documentary, “Girl Rising”


Do You Really Want a Dog?


A Mother’s Take On Vaccines (Neutral)

Growing Up Un-Vaccinated (Pro)

Roald Dahl’s Take on Vaccinations (Pro)

A Cardiologist’s Critique of Vaccinations (Con)


Hilarious Quotes From 4-Year-Old’s

Crying It Out

Photographer Makes Adventures of Her Daughter Sleeping

Just For Fun:

What Is the Creepiest Thing Your Child Has Said to You?

Three Brother’s Remake Childhood Photos


“Little Game” Video


Am I missing some good ones? Let me know! We’ll keep adding to the list!


3 thoughts on “Links That Make You Think

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