Silence Is Not So Golden…On A Blog

Oi Vay. Poor blog. It hasn’t gotten a lot of love from me lately. I have been so busy with the kids, with work and frankly, with staring out of the window. (I have been longingly staring out the window a lot. I don’t know why. I think it is because we’re right on the cusp of summer and I just want to be out there already, doing fun stuff and playing in the sunshine. Also, I really need to wash my windows. There are little tiny hand prints all over them. I’m pretty sure one of them is made out peanut butter. I smelled it…still can’t say with 100% certainty but the texture is right.)

I’m always torn in times like these on whether it is best to leave the blog silent until I have a finished product– some thoroughly thought out, spell-checked post– or if I should do small updates in between of a more personal nature. (I know you all are just DYING to know about how I’m staring out of the window.) The blog sort of morphed into not being about every-day life, but more into bigger-picture posts that are lengthier or an inspired rant when someone makes me angry enough that I carve out time to write about it.

But I am currently not super pissed about anything in particular and I’m really tired because my youngest is refusing to take naps and has gotten really into sitting on my lap, 24/7, giving me titty twisters. It’s really hard to write something of substance with the nipple-play. All you ladies know what I’m talking about.

So with that in mind, peppering in smaller, more intimate posts is my plan. But alas, I hear my coffee maker beeping and I must go. Like the call of a siren, it cannot be ignored.

I also have to Google “window washers” and pretend that I will hire someone to do them. It is a nice fantasy that I must cling to. Because, in reality I already know it will end up being me…standing outside on a ladder with a bottle of Windex and some newspaper, rubbing peanut butter (it could be poop but I’m going to bank on peanut butter for my own peace of mind) off the window panes.

It really is such a divine life I’m leading 😉

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