Sunscreen Shouldn’t Kill You

I am one of those people that devours information to a fault, especially when it comes to things that effect my children’s’ health. I am that mother that is smiling when my kid enjoys their summer hot dog, but inside I am recoiling. My thoughts go something like,  Aw, look at how much she likes her hot dog! Eh, that video I saw of how hot dogs are made is starting to make me nauseous. But really, if I’m going to be worried about anything in that dog, I should be concerned about Sodium Nitrate– that stuff causes cancer! But can it really, though?? Can a hot dog really cause cancer? Everything causes cancer. I need to invest in some vitamins.

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Anywho, I have good reason to be concerned about products that my kids are exposed to, and living in sunny SoCal, one of my biggest battles is finding a sunscreen to slather my children in that is

1) Easy to put on

2) Organic

3) Doesn’t cost more than my mortgage

4) Isn’t toxic for my kids and the environment

I recently had the opportunity to work with a local San Diego company called Coola and I am in love. They sent me this package to review and I have to admit, they’ve made a customer out of me! I love to support local businesses, and it is a bonus that Coola is not only based is San Diego but is also really conscious of all of my aforementioned concerns.

The sunscreen stick is key when you have young children and you’re trying to apply sunscreen on their faces. If you’ve ever tried, you can relate that it is like putting lotion on a wild boar. However, the stick makes it quick and easy PLUS it doesn’t get into their eyes, which my kids’ biggest complaint about sunscreen.

The SPF Baby Sunscreen also a winner. It applies easily to the extremities plus the compound doesn’t aggravate my daughter’s sensitive skin like other products on the market.

As a bonus, I got to try the Mineral Liplux. I loved this because it had SPF, it moisturized my lips AND it added a slight tint.


I freakin’ loved every one of these products. They smelled great, felt excellent going on and I felt good about the ingredients.

Whether you’re local to San Diego or ordering from far, far away you can visit Coola’s website for details and purchase prices.

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    1. Of course! Every summer is a battle with the damn sunscreen!!

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