Sunscreen Shouldn’t Kill You

I am one of those people that devours information to a fault, especially when it comes to things that effect my children’s’ health. I am that mother that is smiling when my kid enjoys their summer hot dog, but inside I am recoiling. My thoughts go something like,  Aw, look at how much she likes her […]

What the Short

I’m old. This was made painfully obvious to me as I tried to go shopping for shorts. It’s getting hot– I need some new, stylish denim to make me feel like the queen that I am. I like to push the envelope and be trendy, but I gotta draw the line– I need a pair […]

Chelsey Tries Floating

I’ve been on a quest as of late to experience new things. My newest challenge: enter a deprivation tank and float. So I teamed up with Float North County located in beautiful Solano Beach. In exchange for my open and honest review, I received three floats and a treatment called Lucia Light. This isn’t your college float session; […]

Mama’s Locket

To my children, I won’t remember every detail of your life. I can’t recall what day you walked or how many teeth you had at seven months. But I will never forget the moments; they will stay with me crisp and clean like a stark fall day. Daddy and I bringing home each of you. […]