Chelsey Tries Floating

I’ve been on a quest as of late to experience new things. My newest challenge: enter a deprivation tank and float. So I teamed up with Float North County located in beautiful Solano Beach. In exchange for my open and honest review, I received three floats and a treatment called Lucia Light. This isn’t your college float session; […]

Mama’s Locket

To my children, I won’t remember every detail of your life. I can’t recall what day you walked or how many teeth you had at seven months. But I will never forget the moments; they will stay with me crisp and clean like a stark fall day. Daddy and I bringing home each of you. […]

Chelsey Gets a Facial

Hello, my name is Chelsey. And I have poor hygiene. Especially with my skin. Ok, wait. That’s not entirely true. I do take showers. I don’t smell bad or anything. But I am 31-years-old and I literally just started washing my face. I know. I know. I’m not the best at adult-ing. But my skin […]

A Mother’s Quest

Day 1: It’s Friday. Yesterday I received a message that my five-year-old had purchased two boxes of cookies through her classmate. Great. I’ve side-stepped them at the grocery stores, ignored texts from my cute nieces about their troops, hid on the floor when the buggers knocked on my door like they were Jehovah’s Witnesses selling […]

Why I March

There has been a lot of discourse over Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington. I proudly participated in my own local “sister march” in San Diego. At first all of the coverage that I saw was from inside of my bubble; people’s joyous photos, exclaims and declarations. I saw floods of pink take over social media. […]